Ken HowardKen joined Pip Care in March of 2023. As Interim CTO, Ken is responsible for creating Pip Care’s technical strategy, building out Pip’s technical team, delivering on product roadmap, providing thought leadership, and creating and implementing cybersecurity and risk management policies, procedures, and mechanisms. Prior to getting back into the healthcare technology space, Ken was working at Amazon Web Services (AWS) providing technical leadership and guidance to US Federal Financial customers.

Walk us through your career evolution.

I started out as an intern on a Client Services and Support team in the healthcare technology space and was brought on full time as a Systems Analyst providing Client Services and Support for a telemedicine application focused on improving quality of care and outcomes in Skilled Nursing Facilities. Eventually, I was presented an opportunity to become a Product Owner for a dermatology-based telemedicine application and delivered on getting the product out to market. In 2015/2016, I broke into the cloud computing space and became a Cloud Engineer. After years of cloud engineering experience, I became a Sr. Manager of Cloud Engineering and then left the healthcare industry for a while to work at AWS as a Solutions Architect. I was responsible for owning and leading the technical relationship with the largest Federal Financial customer at AWS. I returned to the healthcare technology space as a Director of Cloud Engineering Services and the opportunity presented itself to serve as Pip Care’s Interim CTO, and I jumped at that opportunity!

What is the most unique part of working at Pip Care?

The Pip Care team! It’s incredible to be a part of a team where everyone believes in the mission and the challenges we are trying to solve. We are all focused on changing healthcare for the better, specifically to making surgery, a very difficult and challenging time for patients, easier and a better experience (with better outcomes)!

What’s a piece of advice that you’d give to other leaders in the healthcare space?

Prioritize compliance and security up front. Don’t let it be an afterthought or lower priority. Build your foundation on top of these two areas and save time and money down the line!

What is one the biggest lessons that you’ve learned in your career so far?

Run towards the opportunities that tend to be a little frightening due to the challenge they may present. From my experience, these are the opportunities that are the most rewarding, lead to personal growth, and can open many doors! Never stop learning!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself that not many people know.

I enjoy exploring new Whiskeys to drink, finding the best authentic Ramen (current favorite is the Spicy Tonkotsu at Kame in NYC), and have been known to jam to some good ol’ Reba McEntire!