David Issa

David joined Pip Care in August of 2023. As the CTO, David leads product and engineering efforts for Pip Care. Prior to joining Pip, David lead product and engineering at a digital pharmacy startup.

Walk us through your career evolution.

My career has been a blend of technical expertise and strategic leadership. I started in software design and engineering by starting up an enterprise software company out of college. This experience gave me a solid foundation in tech and problem-solving. As I gained more and more experience, I fell in love with human centered design and decision making and began to hone my decision-making skills to incorporate these practices. This allowed me to move into roles where I leveraged my technical skills to influence product vision and execution. At Pivotal Labs, I focused on digital transformation efforts – helping companies align product development with business strategy and change their development practices. This experience was critical in my role in my second startup as Chief Product Officer at GeniusRx, where I led the development of a digital pharmacy patient engagement and fulfillment platform. Throughout, I’ve always aimed to innovate and lead teams to deliver solutions that drive business and technology forward.

What is the most unique part of working at Pip Care?

 A unique aspect of working at Pip Care lies in our holistic approach to healthcare, where we focus on enhancing the entire service journey of a patient, from pre-operative preparation to post-operative recovery. Our commitment goes beyond addressing specific technical issues; we aim to innovate and improve every step of the patient experience in partnership with major hospital systems. It’s this blend of comprehensive care, creative problem-solving, and collaborative teamwork that truly differentiates Pip Care in the healthcare sector.

What do you consider one of the biggest challenges in healthcare?

 One of the biggest challenges in healthcare is the integration and interoperability of systems. There’s a vast amount of data and numerous platforms across the healthcare ecosystem, but they often exist in silos, making it difficult to provide cohesive patient care. This is where technology can play a pivotal role in transforming how healthcare providers, payers, and tech companies work together. Breaking down these silos, though, is not exclusively a technology challenge, but rather one of privacy and security policy as well. It is important that we can balance these needs with the desire to create a holistic 360 view into a patient’s health.

What’s a piece of advice that you’d give to other leaders in the healthcare space?

 My advice would be to embrace innovation with a purpose. It’s not just about adopting new technologies but doing so in a way that improves patient outcomes, enhances the efficiency of healthcare providers, and addresses real-world problems. Also, fostering a culture of collaboration, continuous learning and adaptability is crucial. The healthcare landscape is not only ever-changing, but also the problems within healthcare require “teaming” to drive safe and effective outcomes for patients, where a one-size solution does not work for all.

What is one the biggest lessons that you’ve learned in your career so far?

 One lesson I’ve learned is that the key to successful product development and business transformation is empathy – for your team, your stakeholders, and your customers. Understanding and aligning with their needs and challenges not only leads to better products but also builds a strong, collaborative culture. Effective communication and transparent feedback loops are often an organizations biggest challenge, whether they believe it or not.

What was your very first job and what did you learn from it?

 One of my first job was in commercial landscaping. This job taught me quite a bit about myself and instilled in me a.) the value of hard work and perseverance, attention to detail without losing sight of the broader picture, and b.) teamwork and communication with my colleagues.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself that not many people know.

I speak fluent Japanese and French and practiced martial arts for over 20 years.