Coordinated, end-to-end perioperative care.

With Pip Care, health systems can offer best-in-class perioperative care that is designed to improve clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction, without increased staffing or complicated workflows.

Optimize the surgical journey for your team and patients.

Support Patients

  • Provide 8 personalized health coaching sessions.
  • Earn patient satisfaction score of 4.8 out of 5.
  • Reach 90%+ post-op appointment attendance and protocol adherence.

Save Money

  • Achieve 99.5% surgery attendance.
  • Shorten length of stay by over 0.8 days.
  • Reduce readmissions by 65% and wound infections by 55%.

Streamline Workflows

  • Save 12 hours of clinical and front office time per patient.
  • Move over 25 patient touchpoints to Pip Care.
  • Enable clinicians to function at the top of their licenses.

Based on results with UPMC Center for Perioperative Care.

Pip makes surgery easier for care teams and patients.

Without Support

With Pip

“My Pip coach was outstanding. A perfect blend of professionalism and caring, like a friend. I had my ups and downs mentally preparing for surgery and my health coach always reassured me that I was in good hands. He's very easy to talk to and a great listener. I thank him for getting me through this.”

Happier patients .

Happier care teams .

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