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Coordinated, end-to-end
perioperative care.

With Pip Care, health systems can offer best-in-class perioperative care that is designed to improve clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction, without increased staffing or complicated workflows. 

Optimize the surgical journey for your team and patients.

  • Support Patients

    • Provide 8 personalized health coaching sessions.
    • Earn patient satisfaction score of 4.8 out of 5.
    • Reach 90%+ post-op appointment attendance and protocol adherence.
  • Save Money

    • Achieve 99.5% surgery attendance.
    • Shorten length of stay by over 0.8 days.
    • Reduce readmissions by 65% and wound infections by 55%.
  • Streamline Workflows

    • Save 12 hours of clinical and front office time per patient.
    • Move over 25 patient touchpoints to Pip Care.
    • Enable clinicians to function at the top of their licenses.

      Based on results with UPMC Center for Perioperative Care.

Pip makes surgery easier for care teams and patients.

Without Support

  • Limited time spent with care teams
  • Communication gaps between doctors
  • Daunting behavior changes prior to surgery
  • Higher rates of complications & cancellations

With Pip

  • Virtual touchpoints with care teams, all in one place
  • Easy coordination and tracking between all members of a care team
  • Manageable behavior modification that takes it day by day
  • Smoother experience and recovery

“My Pip coach was outstanding. A perfect blend of professionalism and caring, like a friend. I had my ups and downs mentally preparing for surgery and my health coach always reassured me that I was in good hands. He's very easy to talk to and a great listener. I thank him for getting me through this.” 

Happier patients . Happier care teams

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