Better care, better outcomes.

Empower care teams and patients with Pip Care, a solution that optimizes the surgical journey for all.

Pip Care supports care teams throughout the process and provides patients with personalized health coaching supported by enhanced digital technology. This results in better care and better outcomes without increased staffing or complicated workflows.

Optimize the surgical journey
for your team and patients.

Support Patients

  • Provide personalized 1:1 health coaching.
  • Earn NPS of 90+ and patient satisfaction score of 4.8 out of 5.
  • Reach 80%+ weekly patient engagement rate.

Save Money

  • Achieve 99.5% surgery attendance.
  • Shorten length of stay by a median of 1.1 days.
  • Reduced 7-day readmissions by 50%.

Streamline Workflows

  • Save 10 hours of clinical and front office time.
  • Move over 25+ patient touchpoints to Pip Care.
  • Digitalize ERAS protocols, pre-hab management, NPO guidelines, and discharge instructions – all in one place.

Based on results with UPMC Center for Perioperative Care.

Pip makes surgery easier for care teams and patients.

Without Support

With Pip

“My Pip coach was outstanding. A perfect blend of professionalism and caring, like a friend. I had my ups and downs mentally preparing for surgery and my health coach always reassured me that I was in good hands. He's very easy to talk to and a great listener. I thank him for getting me through this.”

A smoother journey
to better outcomes.

Learn more about how better care leads to better outcomes, with Pip Care.

As seen in the Journal of Medical Internet Research

New study finds that Pip Care reduced patient readmissions and length of stay and boosted satisfaction with surgical outcomes.