Kim FreelKim joined Pip Care in November of 2022. As Director of Implementations, Kim is responsible for the successful implementation of Pip Care at the health systems that Pip partners with. She works with clinical staff to understand the need and workflows to ensure a successful build for each health system. Kim also works very closely with the Head of Operations, John Wiet, and the Health Coaches providing feedback and guidance within the healthcare space.

Prior to joining Pip, Kim briefly worked at Highmark where she focused on implementing the new digital application. Her responsibilities included working with multiple teams including the Highmark Legal Team and the Blues Governing Body ensuring the application contained the appropriate branding.

Walk us through your career evolution.

I worked at UPMC for a total of 24 years in operations, IT interfaces, and infrastructure. Early in my career at UPMC, my role was to implement Epic registration and scheduling at the specialty physician offices, including re-design of front desk operations. I spent the bulk of my career at UPMC working with the registration interfaces between the hospitals and the physician services division. I learned HL7 interface language and oversaw the implementation of 20+ interfaces during my tenure.

When I left UPMC, I joined Kathy Kaluhiokalani at MedExpress managing the Operations team.  From there, I spent some time managing operations for a teleradiology company and then moving to digital pathology implementing the digital pathology software for new and existing customers and supporting their day-to-day operations.

What is the most unique part of working at Pip Care?

It’s not a job, it’s a family – caring about each other as well as our patients.

What do you consider one of the biggest challenges in healthcare?

Healthcare is an ever-changing space. The approach you take today may not be the approach you take a month from now. Flexibility is key.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself that not many people know.

I am 6 feet tall and have never played a sport. 😊